Each item is consciously crafted by hand in New York City. We believe in sewing seeds into our local community and investing into artisan equity.


Food by-product rabbit fiber felt is manufactured with best practice animal husbandry. Wool felt manufactured with highest cruelty free measures in place. Natural straw fibers sourced ethically for summer styles. Fabric in cut and sew product is upcycled from remnants whenever possible.


Craftmanship is the heart of luxury and we are dedicated to preserving the field of millinery. Hats are shaped using the centuries old techniques of hand blocking. Artisans are educated in the unique skillsets of feather work, ribbon work and veil draping. Flowers are hand molded with heated metal stamps. We partner with artisan weavers practicing the art of Panama straw weaving.


The majority of Gigi Burris inventory is made to order to avoid overproduction. Our felts are ordered in Capelines instead of yardage to eliminate material waste. Excess fabric is strategically forecasted to create molded flowers. Merchandising for each collection is performed with material waste management as priority.