In celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, Burris puts her own spin on the American icon, creating a nine-piece collection of felt hats and hair accessories that celebrate Mickey’s timeless style and color palette.

Raised in Central Florida with Walt Disney World essentially in her backyard, Burris was transfixed by Mickey Mouse from a young age—his unmistakable ears shaping more than just an unforgettable character, but also the dreams of a young, creative spirit. As a renowned milliner, Burris possesses a rare talent for taking the old and making it new, using centuries-old techniques to handcraft one-of-a-kind pieces that are all locally made in New York City.

Inspired by the costumes and set design from the original Mickey Mouse Club programming, Burris reimagines this spirit in a six image campaign for the Disney x Gigi Burris Mickey Mouse Collection. Emma Bartlett, pairs the Icon hat with the classic personalized first name “EMMA” sweatshirt and pleated skirt. Set against the red velvet of a stage curtain, this familiar scene from the Mickey Mouse Club receives an injection of modernity.

Burris draws upon this childhood nostalgia to fuel the joyful and playful nature that weaves through the Disney x Gigi Burris Mickey Mouse Campaign. Bartlett, peeks through sets of Mickey Mouse Mylar Balloons in the 1928 leather cap and is caught in mid laughter peeking through the Magic Moment veiling. 

Captured through the inventive lens of photographer Drex Drechsel, the vibrant colors and playful pieces take center stage in celebrating the charm of Mickey Mouse.

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